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Welcome to the Army’s Chaplain Services Center

The Call of the US Army Chaplain Corps

The purpose of this website is to provide you a variety of ways to better define and strengthen your personal values.  This site complements the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF) website by providing the chaplain resources applicable to what CSF calls “Spiritual Fitness.”  Resources are provided here that include monotheistic, polytheistic, pantheistic, and nontheitic resources.This site is not intended to promote any particular religious preference or to promote theistic over nontheistic perspectives.  This is also not an instruction course on world religions or a hub for religious conversion.  Chaplains help service members in a variety of ways, but selecting a core belief system is an individual effort and chaplains are careful not to show bias.

To avoid bias, the listed resources are limited to current chaplain endorsing agencies and general internet references on Beliefnet, About, and  For religions and philosophies not represented in the chaplaincy, current lay leader endorsers and prospective endorsers may be referenced.  For additional information, like youth groups, study groups, or faith-based counseling, contact your local chaplain or the endorsing agencies.

The overarching goal is quickly connect individuals with spiritual or naturalistic personal values they already have.  Soldiers, families, and civilians are invited to review the links above to connect with their theistic or nontheistic beliefs as well as non-sectarian support and general interest items.

US Army Chaplaincy News
  • KFOR walks in Black Madonna Pilgrimage August 20, 2015
    Approximately 75 Kosovo Force soldiers joined religious leaders and local citizens in a 3-kilometer walk through the villages and countryside of Letnica, Kosovo, on Aug. 15 to celebrate mass outside the Church of the Black Madonna.
  • Army chaplain makes rare appearance at Air War College August 18, 2015
    FORT HOOD, Texas -- A Division West officer becomes the first Army chaplain to attend the United States Air Force Air War College at Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Chaplain/carpenter builds Fort Sill faith August 13, 2015
    It might be a good sign that the new Fort Sill installation chaplain once worked as a carpenter. There once was another carpenter who taught a few misfit men and changed the world, and while Chap. (Col.) John Morris is humbled simply to walk in Jesus' footsteps, his ministry goals are no small task.
  • Chaplains Valued For Their Service As Moral Compass August 12, 2015
    REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- Speaking from an Army leader's point of view, retired Lt. Gen. Jim Pillsbury told a group of Army Materiel Command chaplains on Aug. 5 that they must be the moral compass for their units, and lead the way for Soldiers in the spirit of acceptance and inclusion.
  • Joint base SOS coordinator stands ready to assist 'thrivers' of the fallen August 6, 2015
    Survivors of the fallen have a new advocate on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall.
  • Chaplain Corps celebrate 240th Anniversary July 31, 2015
    Legacy was the theme of the day during the 240th Chaplain Corps Anniversary activities at Arlington National Cemetery and Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, Va.
  • Mount Everest comes to JBM-HH July 23, 2015
    Children attending Vacation Bible School on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall had the chance to experience Mount Everest July 13-17, and they didn't have to leave the continental United States to do it.
  • Chaplain brings 'wild hope' to Soldiers July 23, 2015
    Chaplain (Maj.) George Wallace doesn't always reach Soldiers through traditional sermons, prayers or group discussions. Sometimes, a simple little nudge will do.
  • Chaplain "Grants" Civilians Marriage Enrichment Program July 20, 2015
    If you're in the Army or work for the government, you're probably familiar with the Strong Bonds program, where military personnel spend a weekend with their spouse in a group setting meeting with the chaplain about topics to grow their marriage. If you're a civilian, you might be jealous of that opportunity. But don't be. At Army Contrac […]
  • Chapel builds international bonds July 6, 2015
    Australian and American service members have gathered at St. Christopher's Chapel in Nerimbera, Australia, to celebrate the chapel's 60-year commemoration, July 5, 2015.

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