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Welcome to the Army’s Chaplain Services Center

The Call of the US Army Chaplain Corps

The purpose of this website is to provide you a variety of ways to better define and strengthen your personal values.  This site complements the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF) website by providing the chaplain resources applicable to what CSF calls “Spiritual Fitness.”  Resources are provided here that include monotheistic, polytheistic, pantheistic, and nontheitic resources.This site is not intended to promote any particular religious preference or to promote theistic over nontheistic perspectives.  This is also not an instruction course on world religions or a hub for religious conversion.  Chaplains help service members in a variety of ways, but selecting a core belief system is an individual effort and chaplains are careful not to show bias.

To avoid bias, the listed resources are limited to current chaplain endorsing agencies and general internet references on Beliefnet, About, and  For religions and philosophies not represented in the chaplaincy, current lay leader endorsers and prospective endorsers may be referenced.  For additional information, like youth groups, study groups, or faith-based counseling, contact your local chaplain or the endorsing agencies.

The overarching goal is quickly connect individuals with spiritual or naturalistic personal values they already have.  Soldiers, families, and civilians are invited to review the links above to connect with their theistic or nontheistic beliefs as well as non-sectarian support and general interest items.

US Army Chaplaincy News
  • Guard chaplain 'drives the engine' to help veterans February 20, 2015
    As a young infantry officer candidate, Nathan Graeser experienced the death of his best friend, Brett Hershey, with whom he had joined the Indiana National Guard along with two of their high school lacrosse teammates. It was a devastating loss for Graeser, but he saw that his friends who had deployed to Afghanistan with Hershey were faring far worse.
  • Counseling Best Practices: Triangulation February 20, 2015
    Chaplain (Major) Donald Ehrke discusses methods on how to be an effective counselor, specifically the need to be aware of potential triangles.
  • Chief of chaplains speaks at prayer breakfast February 17, 2015
    U.S. Army Chief of Chaplains Maj. Gen. Donald L. Rutherford spoke for the second year in a row at a prayer breakfast in Vicenza, Italy, Feb. 6.
  • U.S. Army Europe hosts annual training for chaplains, chaplain assistants February 11, 2015
    Approximately 50 Soldiers working as chaplains and assistants gathered in Landstuhl, Germany, Feb. 4-5, to discuss ways to improve outreach in their local communities.
  • 1st Armored Division welcomes new 'Iron Shepherd' February 10, 2015
    Commanders change command, sergeant majors change responsibilities and chaplains pass the stole.
  • Eight chaplains, one team: Kaiserslautern's Chapel Next February 6, 2015
    In 1996, two Protestant chaplains at Fort Bragg, N.C., developed a novel form of contemporary Protestant worship. Their idea was to put more emphasis on the needs of young military families and to provide a Christ-centered spiritual experience in a come-as-you-are worship atmosphere. Barely four years later, the new concept has become known as "Chapel N […]
  • Iron Brigade trains single parents February 6, 2015
    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado -- Training in 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, isn't just at term reserved for field exercises or weapons qualifications. Soldiers and spouses from across 3rd ABCT, participated in Strong Bonds Single Parents retreat, hosted by the unit ministry team, Cheyenne Mountain Resort, Feb. 6-8, 2015.
  • New Approaches in Religious Education Revitalizing Chapel Congregations February 6, 2015
    New Research findings are generating innovative approaches in garrison chapels across the Army.
  • National Prayer Service at Fort McNair February 5, 2015
    Faith, fellowship, and food were on display during the Fort McNair National Prayer Luncheon held inside the National Defense University (NDU) at Fort Lesley J. McNair.
  • Chaplain Corps History: The Four Chaplains February 2, 2015
    When the U.S. Army Transport Dorchester was struck by a German submarine, Feb. 3, 1943, four Army chaplains spread out among the Soldiers, calming the frightened, tending the wounded and guiding the disoriented toward safety

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