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Welcome to the Army’s Chaplain Services Center

The Call of the US Army Chaplain Corps

The purpose of this website is to provide you a variety of ways to better define and strengthen your personal values.  This site complements the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF) website by providing the chaplain resources applicable to what CSF calls “Spiritual Fitness.”  Resources are provided here that include monotheistic, polytheistic, pantheistic, and nontheitic resources.This site is not intended to promote any particular religious preference or to promote theistic over nontheistic perspectives.  This is also not an instruction course on world religions or a hub for religious conversion.  Chaplains help service members in a variety of ways, but selecting a core belief system is an individual effort and chaplains are careful not to show bias.

To avoid bias, the listed resources are limited to current chaplain endorsing agencies and general internet references on Beliefnet, About, and  For religions and philosophies not represented in the chaplaincy, current lay leader endorsers and prospective endorsers may be referenced.  For additional information, like youth groups, study groups, or faith-based counseling, contact your local chaplain or the endorsing agencies.

The overarching goal is quickly connect individuals with spiritual or naturalistic personal values they already have.  Soldiers, families, and civilians are invited to review the links above to connect with their theistic or nontheistic beliefs as well as non-sectarian support and general interest items.

US Army Chaplaincy News
  • USASOC strives to protect Soldiers from themselves September 15, 2016
    FORT BRAGG, N.C. -- According to a recent in-depth comprehensive analysis conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), veteran suicide rate is actually an estimated 20-a-day, compared to the 22-a-day stated from their previous study.
  • SMDC chaplain serves spiritual needs of command September 9, 2016
    SMDC Chaplain tends to command's spiritual needs
  • Deputy Chief of Chaplains on Suicide Prevention August 31, 2016
    In recognition of National Suicide Prevention Month, Deputy Chief of Chaplains (Brigadier General) Thomas Solhjem, shares his own experiences with suicide as a young Soldier.
  • Chaplain's Corner: Finding hope in the trials that we face August 24, 2016
    Throughout our lives we find ourselves continually faced with challenges that affect us and our families. Sometimes the challenges or trials we are faced with are caused by bad choices, but most of the time the trials we encounter come from circumstances we have no control over. For some it may be a PCS and for others it may be a death in the family; however […]
  • You don't know what you don't know about the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps August 17, 2016
    I am choosing to write about some of the lesser-known aspects of the chaplain corps, things that seasoned chaplains and religious affairs specialists (chaplain assistants) are intimately familiar with, but seem to escape the knowledge and experience of the Soldiers we work with on a daily basis.
  • Katterbach Chapel celebrates anniversary of Army Chaplain Corps August 11, 2016
    As the United States Army this year celebrated the 241st anniversary of the Chaplain Corps, USAG Ansbach community members gathered at the Katterbach Chapel for a lunch time ceremony today to commemorate the occasion.
  • Army chaplains celebrate 241 years of service August 4, 2016
    The United States Army Chaplain Corps celebrated 241 years of service to the nation's Soldiers and families during ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery and a fellowship luncheon at Memorial Chapel on the Fort Myer portion of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall July 29.
  • Chaplaincy: A duty of mercy August 4, 2016
    Editor's Note: This is part 2 of a 2-part series highlighting local chaplains on occasion of the 241st anniversary of the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps. Part 1 was published in the July 21 edition of the Pentagram.
  • Battle Buddy Resource Center helps 'Feds Feed Families' August 3, 2016
    Fort Benning's Battle Buddy Resource Center opened its doors in Oct. 2013. Since then, its mission has been to help those in need. The Battle Buddy Resource Center is a nonprofit organization equipped with a food and hygiene products pantry. It's the only one of its kind, said Amy Mason, the director.
  • Chaplain's Corner: From Roman Cavalry to Christian Soldier August 3, 2016
    Recently celebrating the 241st Anniversary of the founding of the Chaplain Corps on 29 July, the life and work of a Roman soldier who could be considered a precursor to today's Army chaplains, presents an interesting discussion topic. Martin of Tours was born about A.D. 316. His father commanded a Roman Legion, so Martin was reared as an army brat.

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