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Welcome to the Army’s Chaplain Services Center

The Call of the US Army Chaplain Corps

The purpose of this website is to provide you a variety of ways to better define and strengthen your personal values.  This site complements the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF) website by providing the chaplain resources applicable to what CSF calls “Spiritual Fitness.”  Resources are provided here that include monotheistic, polytheistic, pantheistic, and nontheitic resources.This site is not intended to promote any particular religious preference or to promote theistic over nontheistic perspectives.  This is also not an instruction course on world religions or a hub for religious conversion.  Chaplains help service members in a variety of ways, but selecting a core belief system is an individual effort and chaplains are careful not to show bias.

To avoid bias, the listed resources are limited to current chaplain endorsing agencies and general internet references on Beliefnet, About, and  For religions and philosophies not represented in the chaplaincy, current lay leader endorsers and prospective endorsers may be referenced.  For additional information, like youth groups, study groups, or faith-based counseling, contact your local chaplain or the endorsing agencies.

The overarching goal is quickly connect individuals with spiritual or naturalistic personal values they already have.  Soldiers, families, and civilians are invited to review the links above to connect with their theistic or nontheistic beliefs as well as non-sectarian support and general interest items.

US Army Chaplaincy News
  • Sisters in Arms Lean In Circles help empower military women at Fort Leonard Wood March 22, 2017
    Since 2015, the Sisters in Arms Lean In Circles Program has empowered women throughout the military ranks to achieve their ambitions. Col. Niave Knell, 14th Military Police Brigade commander, explained that the program is in place to create a support group for service members to come together and share experiences and advice on overcoming challenges in the m […]
  • Fort Shafter Soldiers attend USARPAC Prayer Breakfast March 22, 2017
    Soldiers from Fort Shafter attended a prayer breakfast hosted by U.S. Army Pacific, Tuesday morning, with the emphasis on resilience and spiritual fitness.
  • 7th MSC Chaplains are ready for "Muddy Boots" Ministry March 19, 2017
    KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany-Capt. Matthew P. Reves learned a key lesson a year ago he will take with him on an upcoming deployment. As a member of a two-Soldier ministry team, Reves, commander of the 89th Chaplain Detachment, 7th Mission Support Command, will deploy soon with his Chaplains Assistant, Staff Sgt. Lamar Turner of Newport News, Va.
  • 7th MSC "COHORT" platoon brothers in arms March 17, 2017
    Sgt. 1st Class John Wessely and Sgt. 1st Class Mark Korte were promoted Jan. 21, 2017 -- and not by coincidence.
  • First full-time Chaplain for Mississippi Army National Guard March 13, 2017
    HATTIESBURG, Miss., - The Mississippi Army National Guard is continuously accessing and improving its readiness for all types of missions and deployments. Army Chaplain Capt. David Morris, the first full-time, permanently-funded support chaplain for the Mississippi Army National Guard, is the newest component of the plan to keep readiness levels at their bes […]
  • Chapel services complement local Islamic center March 9, 2017
    Soldiers in the U. S. Army come from a variety of religious traditions, including those of the Islamic faith. The new Cache Creek Chapel here has an area to accommodate them, supplementing a faith community Muslim Soldiers found at the Islamic Center of Lawton.
  • Fort Rucker chaplains conduct partnership ministry training March 9, 2017
    Feb. 24 saw the Fort Rucker Chaplains meeting with local religious leaders to train on providing ministry to military families.
  • Medics organize, attend Stress Training March 8, 2017
    LANDSTUHL, Germany - U.S. Army medical professionals learned techniques to better treat combat and operational stress February 27 to March 3, 2017 at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center's Learning Center. UA-89598032-1
  • Chaplains' Annual UMT Training: Making a Difference in the Lives of Soldiers, Families, and DA Civil March 3, 2017
  • USACE delivers landmark chapel to Grafenwoehr community March 3, 2017
    GRAFENWOEHR, Germany -- On the 74th anniversary of the sinking of the Dorchester during World War II when the heroic actions of four Army chaplains are commemorated, U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to dedicate the first chapel built for Soldiers in Europe in more than 17 years. Described as the BMW of chapels by Chaplain (Col.) Kevi […]

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