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Religious Preference

The Department of Defense makes endorse or promote any specific religion or religious preference.  The selections here represent certain philosophies and beliefs represented within the chaplaincy, lay leader programs, and the general population.  Listings of specific denomination are alphabetical to avoid bias.  The category “Other” includes a few chaplain endorsers and an invitation to others not yet represented.  Chaplains want to support personal beliefs and the “other” category should be seen as an invitation, not a marginalization of those not listed elsewhere.  Included here are also nontheistic philosophies like humanist and atheist that are generally not called religion, butt do constitute a deeply-held set of beliefs and values consistent with chaplain support.  Also listed are “None” and “No-Pref” which don’t represent a specific religious or belief identification but do provide some alternate tools and fun activities to explore religion, philosophy, and personal values.  To paraphrase Socrates, we should live a well-examined life.  Especially in the military, where professional values of integrity and honor are so critical, it is even more critical to develop strong personal values.


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