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Many service members select “No Religious Preference” on their identification tags upon entering the service.  This implies that any religion will do.  This is rarely the case, and chaplains encourage service members to explore religion, philosophy, and personal values.  To paraphrase Socrates, we should live a well-examined life.  Especially in the military, where professional values of integrity and honor are so critical, it is even more critical to develop strong personal values.  Also, some soldiers report fear of discrimination if they select their true religious preference.  “No Religious Preference” is the largest single religious preference in the military, and the chaplaincy hopes to encourage service members to consider and select a preference without fear of discrimination, whether they prefer a monotheistic, polytheistic, pantheistic, or a nontheistic philosophy.

The category “none” may indicate nontheistic beliefs, and in that case, also review the “humanism/atheism” link.
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